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The Dare

The Dare

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Some people say I'm evil, but i dare you to define evil. What is evil to one is mercy to others. Others look at a squirrel and see something cute, but I see something I can kill. The truth is I enjoy it. I get a kick out of it.  It is what I do, in my country, I am called The Dare....... I don't care what you think of me as long as you obey me. I acknowledge that I have odd methods, but they work. I know what life should be like and I understand that there are a great many things and creatures inferior to me. In my position it is simply mercy. I know if I don't save them with the wonders of death. they will die in the horror of life. Now what kind of being would I be if i allowed that to happen? Some people are born good and always struggle hard in life to fight off the bad. Some people are born bad and become good through great effort and struggle and sorrow. Others are born in light and fall to darkness. And others are born in darkness and cannot see the light. Now matter how you try, you can not see the light, or the dark. I have come to save you from your fate.......I am.....The Dare......


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