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The Dragonborn

The Dragonborn

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Beroan is a 23 year old male dragonborn fighter. He has a smooth head and blue eyes. He has broad green scales. He stands 187cm (6'1") tall and has a muscular build. He has an oval, very handsome face. He is incredibly cross-eyed.

He discretely worships Oghma, God of knowledge, invention, inspiration, bards. (True Neutral) He is very competitive. He rarely speaks. He values his clan above anything else. He sporadically quotes proverbs. 

His world looks as such: This little, rain-soakeded jungle is home to thousands of different plants and animals; a few of these are venomous or poisonous. 12 species of large predators make their home here. The tallest trees are around 101 feet / 31 metres tall, and the overgrowth is quite easy to travel through without cutting tools. An overgrown, abandoned city is hidden inside. But what is hidden in plain sight, is not always what it seems. 

Personality Type: INFP - The Healer
(Introverted iNtuitive Feeling Perceiving)
Friendliness: Reassuring
Honesty: Blunt
Assertiveness: Dominant personality
Confidence / Ego: Well earned
Agreeableness: Secretive
Manners: extremely polite
Discipline: Level-headed
Rebelliousness: Rebellious against what he perceives as injustice
Emotional capacity: Devoted
Intelligence: Forms opinions slowly
Positivity: Complacent
Activeness / Lifestyle:  very well toned and active
Current emotional state: upbeat

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