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The Tree King

The Tree King

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This realm is inhabited by tree people, many of whom seem very curious. Most of them live in a quirky-looking village. Many among them seem a bit preoccupied with an upcoming festival and holding mock battles is a common pastime here. The surrounding countryside is Forest and lakes and streams strewn with roses  and unusual wildflowers, and is covered with weather-worn pale brown stones. It also hosts a bog.

Courteous: Generally
Risk-Taking: Typically
Ambitious: Never
Curious: Generally
Self-Controlled: Never
Nurturing: Often
Trusting: Typically
Honest: Never
Loyal: Often
Affectionate: Never
Romantic: Usually
Flirty: Occasionally
Sympathetic: Generally
Altruistic: Never
Optimistic: Occasionally
Observant: Generally
Logical: Rarely
Social: Somewhat outgoing
Emotions: Fairly stable

Standing 6' 2" tall, this fair skinned man has a very worldly feel about him, and he has a small mole on his right cheek. He has a wide face with a softly shaped jaw, a straight and strong nose, small ears and full lips. His lilac eyes are large, and he has neat eyebrows. He has hip length, frizzy, light green hair, the color of the forest he loves which is braided. He has toned arms, a stocky torso with a non-existent waist, short legs, and narrow feet. He has an expressive tattoo covering his arms, and a tribal tattoo covering his left ankle.

His usual apperance is usually that of his beloved tree but in dealing with humans, this is the appearance he takes. He is usually seen wearing a tree bark crown on his head. he is a king after all. 

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