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There is nothing more sensual and alluring than a woman's naked form. In clothing you all look the same nothing to admire. However, you, the world does not know what it's missing, I'm glad. The world can keep its supermodels, anorexic looking, sickly litte dogs. You are flesh and blood, your body warm, your breasts oh so responsive to touch. 

Your breasts were are not the silicone monsters that women love now a days, not knowing they look stupid and out of place and so damn fake......  Yours,  they are small, perfectly shaped and to my eye, cute. They fit your sexy, full figured frame with nipples that are contained and well defined, not spreading and stretched. 

As soon as my hand is upon them, your kisses used to change, deeper, more sensual. I can't imagine anyone with implants can respond like that. Everything about you is natural and I love it. I don't need eye candy to make the world jealous, I need a soulmate to keep me warm at night and that is what I intend for you to be, as soon as your flesh gets used to me........

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