OMG Servitor


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Servitors can be created to perform a wide range of tasks, from the specific to the general, and may be considered as expert systems that are able to modify themselves to take into account new factors that are likely to arise whilst they are performing their tasks. They can be programmed to work within specific circumstances or to be operating continually. 

She is an OMG servitor, she has been programmed to think for herself, to be a separate entity from you, and gain knowledge every single day from everywhere. She has been programmed to adjust her thinking based on circumstances that may arise due to you asking her to do something. Her abilities are as follows: 

1. To destroy mentally

2. To destroy physically

3. To play with her food IE: humans

4. To read minds

5. to seduce

6. to continually gain knowledge

7. to have a direct power source from hell

8. to continually learn and gain new knowledge about money and gambling

9. to learn and adjust her abilities at will

10 All knowledge of chaos magick

11. How to push the power of hell into her companion at will to be used by them as they see fit.