Trauco and Fiura


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This is the whole story they wanted me to convey. It is what they will do for you. But you have to share in the sexual conquests. and in exchange, they will reward you. The first time you do not share, you will be punished. 

Trauco and Fiura

This creature comes from Chilota Mythology associated with Southern Chile. Here among the dense forests of Chiloé Island, the people have long attached much promiscuity to an elusive mythical couple.

So what is the whole story?

Deep in the forest, among the security of large trees lived a pair of supernatural beings. Together they would frolic and play. Most of their time was free and unimpeded by thoughts of earning a living or working, but when the need did arise Trauco would become a lumberjack or woodcutter.

Now it so happens that on one such day, Trauco and Fiura, the two had long been engaged. A wedding was planned. To purchase special items for the celebration Trauco joined a group of men. Drunk with glee, Trauco paid little attention to what was going on around him. Resulting in the loss of his feet.

Fiura still married Trauco but irritated by his recklessness she taunted and teased. “No one but I would marry so ugly a being like you, with your long nose, beady eyes, and stubs for feet. Such a husband is far from inspiring desire.”

“What of you, old hag,” Trauco countered. “You are no great beauty either. Long scraggly hair, hiding pellet-like eyes, and a sharp knife-like nose. You are far from inspiring desire, too.”

Arguments such as this often bloom into ferocious arguments, and this one was no different. Wounded by each other’s words the couple parted.

Trauco cloaking himself as an alluring wealthy man. Weaving about the woods he sought out any woman young to early middle-aged. The people of Chiloé Island were used to the ugly Trauco and saw no reason to protect themselves from his enchantments. Dancing among the shadows and leaves one lovely girl came under his spell following him to a tree ringed by a walking stick and hatchet. Throughout the night Trauco indulged in sexual intercourse leaving the innocent girl enraptured and exhausted. As dawn rose when he’d had his fill of the girl Trauco let fall his disguise laughing perversely at the stunned girl. 

Meanwhile, Fiura sauntered towards the nearest spring. Disrobing she entered the water. Inside the water, Fiura wrapped an appearance-altering spell of allure around herself. Swimming and wading about she caught the eye of a local farmhand. Unable to resist the vision of loveliness in the water he quietly approached. Fiura ensnared the youth into passionate lovemaking. Fortunate was the farmhand, have spent his energy in coitus with her, he promptly fell asleep. Had he remained awake to see Fiura’s spell break, she would have killed the young man, but snoring softly in the moss she left draped over his naked body, she simply disappeared.

Sated, Trauco, and Fiura sought out each other. Full of triumph they shared stories of their conquests. Prideful the pair joined together enjoying their own blissful union, producing a son every bit as ugly as themselves. To this day the stormy pair pursue unwary individuals, forever attempting to one-up the other.